Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's what I meant about a Solar Roof...

This is an aerial view of the Target store at Osborne and Laurel Canyon in Pacoima. What's those dark patches on the roof? Why, they're SOLAR PANELS!!! Yes, SOLAR PANELS. Note that the roof isn't COVERED with them...there are a few installed here and there. And those are enough to run the store OFF THE GRID on sunny days.

Now go back and look at the aerial view of Panorama City a couple of posts down. Notice a lot of beige roofs? With nothing on them but stucco? Imagine them peppered with dark patches. And bringing in energy. And saving everyone from more pollution-belching power plants in our future. This might mean we can use what we have for longer, and not look at expanding capacity or buying energy from other places where they even use COAL to run power plants. Ugh!

See, this is what I mean by advocating what we WANT for our neighborhood and not just saying what we DON'T WANT. Think about it.

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