Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Sputnik Building revealed: a great way to restart this blog.

OK, I've not really known what to do with this blog, but have hung onto it because I knew I was GOING to do something.

Anyway, I have been searching for this information for YEARS since I love this local landmark. It's now a furniture store but for most of its existence it was a bank. I think the chain of provenance went this way: it was built for Van Nuys Savings and Loan, it was taken over by Crocker Bank, then Crocker Bank was bought by Great Western Savings and Loan, then Great Western was bought by Washington Mutual Savings Bank.

Anyway, the distinctive architecture was by Wenceslaus Sarmiento, head designer for the Bank Building Corporation of America. Mystery solved.

Thank you, Charles Phoenix, for finding this out, and thank you, LosAnjealous.Com, for bringing it to my attention.

Oh yeah, this is what Charles Phoenix does for a living. Awesome.

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